Monday, October 17, 2016

It's Monday! What Are You Reading?

Disclaimer: I get a small percentage from any books purchased from the links on this blog.

For Pleasure:

Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets:  The Illustrated Edition (Harry Potter #2) by JK Rowling.  I love going back and visiting the wizarding world! The addition of illustrations in this book just add to the experience.  The only "bad" thing about the books is size.  It's not easy to stuff it in your purse and take pull out while you get your oil changed or while you're sitting in a waiting room.  Though I'm willing to make those sacrifices for Harry Potter!

He's Gone by Deb Caletti is the book we are reading in our Faculty/Staff Book Club this month.  I'm listening to the audiobook through the Hoopla app.  I'm a little over 1/2 way through the book and all I can think is "Oh my word!  Tell me what happened!" Dannie wakes up one morning after a party and her husband isn't home.  At first she thinks he's gone out to pick up breakfast but quickly realizes he's gone.  There are a lot of flashbacks in the story.  We learn how Dannie and her husband meet and some of the conflicts in their relationship.  It's a very suspenseful book.  I'm ready to finish it and found out what happened!

For School:

For Pk-2 I read Froggy's Halloween by Jonathan London.  I love the Froggy Series!  Froggy is a lovable frog who, when embarrassed, turns more red than green.  In this story Froggy has a hard time deciding what to be for Halloween.  He also has a secret admirer.

I love reading this book out loud.  I holler when Froggy's mom hollers for him.  I sing the "Trick or Treat" song and clasp my mouth when I sing "or I'll pull down your underwear".  And yell "Ew! Gross!"  Which always gets a giggle.  When froggy gets kissed I gag.  When froggy eats chocolate covered flies I pretend to choke.  When the book end I say "That's the grosses book I've ever read!" It's just a fun book!

For 3rd-5th I read Scary Stories 3 by Scholastic Children.  To set the ambience I project a fire place on my Promethean Board.  I also turn off all the lights in the library... which really doesn't do a lot since I have 3 walls of nearly solid windows.  But still, I have the lights off.  I pick 3-4 different scary short stories to read.  I try to read them slow and in a creepy fashion.  3rd and 4th grade get a real kick out of it and always want to know if the stories are real.  5th grade tries to be too cool but secretly enjoys the book.

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