Thursday, October 20, 2016

40th Birthday

I celebrated my 40th birthday yesterday.  I remember when 40 felt a lifetime away!  And yet here I am.

I love birthdays!  I love the attention!  I don't mind getting older.

None of the women in my family mind getting older.  My grandma said age never bothered her. Except 80.  80 kind of bothered her.  I think I'll give her 80! Ha!  She's about to turn 90 in December. She said 90 is not her favorite number either.

I celebrated with my Nac girls Tuesday night.  We went to Pepper Jacks and Starbucks and had a late wild night ending at... 9:00. Ha!

Wednesday, my actual birthday, was pretty uneventful.

I worked.  The students sang me Happy Birthday during Jump Start and I got hand made cards through out the day.  We had Bible study that night so as a family we ran to Newk's and got dinner.  I got a free birthday meal!

And I started coughing some time during the day.

So today I can barely talk, my throat is killing me and I feel yucky.  All my work peeps are teasing me that I had a wild birthday party last night.  Ha!

I'm taking a 1/2 day off and going to the doctor this afternoon.  I'm hoping it's nothing worse than bronchitis. Fingers crossed!

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