Thursday, October 27, 2016


There are a lot of behaviors I can overlook in my students.  And there are some that send me over the edge in a matter of seconds.

I hate lying.

I hate stealing.

I hate bullying.

Those three things are a deal breaker with me.  There are immediate consequences if one of those three things happen.  I never look the other way or just give a lecture if a student does one of those.

Which leads me to my Book Fair.  Book Fairs are fun!  So many books and book marks and pens and pencils.  So many tempting things.

To steal.


I want to add that I believe in second chance before continuing here.

One of our teachers caught a student with a "Top Secret UV Pen".  He stoled it.

This irritates me for sooooooo many reasons.

1.  Another teacher told him the day before that she'd buy him the pen if he behaved for 2 days.  I put the pen aside.  I wrote the teacher's name on it.  I made a big deal about how cool it was that she was going to buy him the pen.

2.  He stole from the Book Fair last year.  And we caught him then too.

3.  Him stealing affects the fundraising the Book Fair does for our library.

4.  It makes me not trust him.  At.  All.  Like ever.  And I hate not trusting a kid.

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