Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Five For Friday-Gentleness

As I mentioned earlier this week, my BFF, Emily and I went to a Bible Retreat called Spiritually Inspiring Sisters.  The topic was gentleness.

1.  Gentleness is an action I have to work at doing.

2.  It's easy to be gentle to cute little babies.

3.  It's not easy to be gentle to grown folks acting like a morons or the student you've literally total a 1,001 times to stop doing the same behavior they've repeated 1,003 times (cuz you gave 2 times to fix it... but they didn't)... that statement is so not gentle.  But it's the truth.

4.  It's way to easy to not be gentle with our family.  They are easy targets.

5.  I'm working across the board to be more gentle with others (maybe I'll make this my OLW for 2017). 

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