Saturday, July 30, 2016

Shout-out Saturday-Grandparents

My parents are awesome grandparents!  

They've always wanted to be with Reagan.  Take her places, play with her, buy her things, take care of her.  And she loves being with them.  

They've also become adopted grandparents of kids at church.  Especially my BFF, Emily's youngest son, Micah. 

When Micah was a baby he got real sick and spent 6 weeks in the NICU.  My parents took turns staying with Micah in the hospital.  It sealed their adoptive grandparent relationship.  

My parents watched Reagan all four days of our Girls' Weekend and Micah stayed with them 2 days.  

Oh the stories they had to tell after their time together! Y'all, they are funny!  

My parents AC went out so my dad installed the window unit in their bedroom so they all stayed the night in their room.  When the lights went out Micah told Reagan he was scared of the dark so she pulled him onto her mattress on the floor.  Once he fell asleep he kicked her in the stomach, slapped her in the face, and wiggled all over the place so Reagan moved down to his pallet on the floor.  In the morning he looked down at Reagan with her feet hanging off the short pallet made for him and asked "Do you fit on that pallet?" Ha!

Sunday at church one of the men opened the door for them.  He asked Micah "Did you bring your girlfriend with you?" Micah looks up at Reagan and says "yes".  They all got a kick out of that!

They went to Katy Mills Outlet mall.  At the Bass Pro Shop Micah found some toys he wanted... and two boats.  He kept telling my dad if he'd buy them for him he'd pay him back with the $20 he had at home.  Oh a little 6 year old mind! Ha!

I am so thankful they are good grandparents and want to spend time with their grandkids!

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