Saturday, July 2, 2016

Pet Peeves

I have a LOT of pet peeves. Too many really. 

1. My desk chair. I don't mind anyone sitting in my chair but, for the love, do not adjust it. It's. Not. Yours. The 10 minutes, give or take, that you sit in it does not justify you adjusting it to fit your body.  Leave my chair alone!

2.  Making repeated sounds. Seriously. Are you trying to torture me?

3. Smacking while eating or chewing gum. For real! Do you not have home trainin'?

4. Leaning on me. Listen, I don't want to hold up my own body much less yours and mine.  I don't mind you sitting close but don't lean on me or bump me with your elbows when you move. Ok, maybe you shouldn't even sit close. 

5.  Whistling. Ugh ugh ugh, that is all. 

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