Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Houston Girls' Weekend

This past weekend I had a Girls' Weekend with my Houston Girls.  Amy flew in from Lubbock and I drove in from Nacogdoches.  Emily and Brandi both live in different areas in Houston.  We all met at Brandi's house.

Which is on the market so we ended up having to leave 3 times for it to be shown.  We joked that next weekend they'll have no showings since we won't all be there.

It was really no big deal to tidy up and leave.  There was always something/someplace we could do/go in Houston.  Shipley's Donuts, Target, Bed, Bath, and Beyond, Charming Charlies, lunch, the Fairfield Outlet mall, Hobby Lobby, Sonic... I think that's all.  Ha!

Things started off kind of rocky with some hurt feelings and a home sick kid Friday night.  But we recovered Saturday afternoon and the rest of the weekend was fun!

At Hobby Lobby Emily and I bought these letters to decorate.  She'd seen them on Pinterest and thought they'd be fun to make.  I'm not a real crafty type person but I do enjoy this kind of thing when I'm with some one who actually is crafty and knows what they are doing.  I'm going to put my zebra 'T' in our bathroom (I'm eventually going to redo it in zebra print).

At the outlet mall we went to the Vera Bradley store.  All their stuff was the typical 50% off but they were having a sale with an additional 20% off your entire purchase.  So I stocked up!  I got a new lunch box.  I overheard two teachers talking about how it holds they tubeware easily.  I nosed my way into their convo, asked some other questions, then decided to buy it.  We added my monogram using Brandi's Cricut.  I also got a dirty clothes bag that I'm repurposing to hold my surge protector that I keep in my suitcase for hotel plugs (It always seems like there aren't enough plugs or they're in weird places on the wall, like no where near the bed).  I also got 3 Christmas presents for Reagan's, one for Mrs. Taylor and "Jay" got me a purse for Christmas.  I can't tell you what I got Mrs. Taylor and Reagan because they both read my blog. Ha!
Emily and her family are going on a Disney Cruise in the fall.  She heard about this "thing" where 10 families are grouped together and they give each others families (or individual kids) small gifts.  It's called Disney Cruise Fish Extender.  The rules are very flexible.  You can give each person a gift or each child or each family or however you want to do it.  Emily found this idea on Pinterest.  I really like the canisters!   We used Brandi's Cricut to add the Mickey Mouse themed... stickers... see, I'm not crafty.  I don't know what to call the shapes that the Cricut cuts out.  Anyway, Emily's going to put something small in the canister.  We talked about candy, a deck of cards, dice or something like that.  I said I'd be perfectly happy with just getting the canister. 

We forgot to take a picture when we were all dressed up with our makeup on looking like hot mamas.  So we took one with no makeup, in our pajamas... and used a filter to take the edge off. Ha!  I think we still look pretty hot!

As always, I started looking forward to next summer when we have our next Girls' Weekend the moment Amy backed out of the driveway headed for the airport.  364 days till next time! Is it too early for count down?


  1. Woo hoo....can't wait for Christmas!

  2. So much fun reading this! So good for the soul! Love all the crafting!

  3. Such fun to read about your Girls' Weekend! And Shipley's . . . I used to live in Houston and still miss their cinnamon twists. And your idea to keep a surge protector in your luggage for travel is the best! I had never thought of that, but I'm always searching for outlets at hotels.