Sunday, July 10, 2016

Family Time

I met my aunt & uncle, my mom & my granny & her boyfriend (Granny hates when I call Al her boyfriend. Ha!) for lunch Saturday. Reagan had a summer cold so she stayed with my dad and Jay had to preach Sunday so he didn't come. 

We met for a late lunch in The Woodlands at Longhorn Steakhouse. Mom said her and dad always have a hard time getting to this restaurant. It's on the other side of the freeway and it's not just a normal u-turn under the freeway. So I turned the map on on my phone. Everytime Siri gave me a direction my mom keep saying "That can't be right." And yet when I followed Siri's directions we got there without any troubles. Ha! There were two loop-t-loops that my parents never could figure out. Luckily Siri got it straight. 

Lunch was yummy and we had great conversation. 

After lunch we went back to my granny's townhouse and had a delicious chocolate cake she made. 

While we were sitting around talking the topic of how it's hard to find anything wholesome on tv to watch anymore. Granny proceeds to tell us that her and Al were watching a game show and one of the players answered a question with "badonkadonk" (except she didn't say it right). Granny tells us she didn't know what a badonkadonk was but she thought it was vulgar cuz the players pointed down to her bottom. I'm dying! Just dying! I'm the youngest person there and no one else knew what a badonkadonk was. There was no one for me to make eye contact with and laugh silently at the rediculousness of  talking about badonkadonks with my granny. 

It was good to see my family!

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