Thursday, July 7, 2016

Our Vacation in Chicago

We had a blast in Chicago! 

The first night we were there we went to The Navy Pier. The last time I was there was January 2015 for a conference. The teachers I was with and I walked down to the Pier one morning in 20 degree weather. There was ice in Lake  Michigan and not a soul but us was there. This time the place was packed! And the weather was an amazing 73 degrees. This Texas girl was loving the cool temperature!

The next day we went up the Hancock Tower, walked to the river walk, rented  a "bike" thingy, randomly ran into Reagan's headmaster and his family (what are the odds we'd randomly run into them in Chicago?!?), went to a park, went to the Cloud Gate and then crashed in our hotel that night. All that walking was exhausting!

The day after that we went to a White Sox game. This made Jay's 24th stadium, my 6th and Reagan's 5th. We rode the subway there. There was a homeless lady riding too, on her cell phone, with her pet cat. So that was exciting.
After the game we met my BFF, Emily, and fam at Gino's East for pizza. It was just by chance we all ended up in Chicago at the same time. Our husbands were the ones to figure it out. It was great seeing them and catching up over dinner. When I took this selfie Emily's youngest said "Hey!  She's taking a big selfie!" Ha!

On our way back to Texas we stop at the Field of Dreams movie site in Iowa. It was awesome! We threw the ball around. Then started a pick up game with some other families who showed up. At first I just took pictures of Jay. But once I saw how supportive and encouraging everyone was of the people who batted I decided I wanted to try batting.  Jay pitched to me. I hit a line drive down the middle and made it to first base! Jay accused me of trying to take him out with the line drive. I told him that was for all the times he irritated me. Ha! I wish I could describe the feeling of playing ball with strangers who were so positive and encouraging. We clapped and laughed and just plain had fun. 

I love traveling and seeing all the sights but I couldn't wait to get back to my house and wash everything we took with us. I always feel so gross in hotels. I've watched too many shows like 20/20 that show how nasty hotel rooms are. Ha! 


  1. I love the description of playing ball with complete strangers!

  2. I love Chicago! I'm so glad you had a wonderful time.