Monday, December 7, 2015

Not Enough Time In December

There's just not enough time in December.

1-Jay's Birthday
2-Bible Study
3-College Bible Study at our house
4-Senior Saints Party
7-Reagan's Christmas Program (both sets of grandparents come to town) & celebrating my mom's birthday
8-After School Genius Hour
9-Bible Study
10-Parent Night at my school & doctor appointment 
12-Christmas Party with friends (no kids!)
15-After School Genius Hour & Christmas Party with ladies from church
16-Bible Study
17-Choir Concert at my school and a friend's birthday party
18-Our 17th anniversary and Star Wars!
22-Getting nails done
23-My mom's birthday
21-31 will be filled with family time strung out between 3 cities
31-New Years Eve party at our house with friends

It's not that this isn't fun stuff it's just that there so much!  I want to do it all but there's no time to just breath.  It stresses me out.  I thought I was going to lose my mind getting ready for the Senior Saints party but I kept my cool and didn't snap at Jay or Reagan while they were helping me cook.

Really if I can just make it to the 18th without losing my mind then I'll be ok. The 21-31 will be fun too, being with family, even if we are driving all over Texas for some of that time.  And after Christmas we'll have some relaxing days.  That's what I'm focusing on!

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