Friday, December 18, 2015

17th Anniversary

Taken at Cabana Bay Resort in Orlando, FL

Jay and I have been marry for 17 year today. 17 years!  It doesn't seem possible to have been married for 17 years, to have known each other for 20 years.

We married the same day as my parents and my maternal grandparents.  As my mom has worked on our family tree she found that my granny's great grandparents were also married on December 18 but my granny had no idea. My parents have been married 45 years today.  If my papa was still alive my grandparents would have been married 67 years.  We have great examples of good marriages!

Southern Plantation, Missouri City, TX

We were babies when we married.  I had turned 22 in October and Jay had turned 22 on December 1st.  I look at the 22 year old college students at church now and I can't image them old enough to marry. But it worked for us.

In 17 years, we:
  1. have lived in 2 apartments
  2. bought two houses
  3. left Nacogdoches when I graduated, moved to Houston, moved back to Nacogdoches for Jay's job
  4. bought 4 cars
  5. had a transmission rebuilt
  6. have gone on 11 vacations
  7. had a daughter
  8. got a dog
  9. buried one grandparent
  10. had 7 jobs (Jay-shoe salesman at JC Penney's and a preacher for two different churches Me: Deaf Ed teacher for the West-10 Regional Day School Program for the Deaf [RDSPD], for the Northwest Harris County RDSPD and for the Nacogdoches RDSPD and a librarian)
  11. changed careers once (me-Deaf Ed teacher to librarian and Jay-working for Penney's to a preacher but I'm not sure that's really a career change since working at Penney's was never a permanent thing)
  12. got a Master's degree (me)
  13. lost friends and gained friends
  14. never had credit card debt
  15. put a new roof on our current house
  16. had one broken nose (Jay)
  17. followed God in all that we do
17 years of marriage has been everything I thought it would be and absolutely nothing I thought it would be.  That's how life goes isn't it?

I'd do anything for Jay and can't image my life without him.  He is my all.

Happy Anniversary Jay!

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  1. Congratulations on a wonderful 17 years! Really cool that you share this special anniversary date with so many of your family members. :)