Monday, May 11, 2015

Summer Count Down

I used to count down to summer.  I had a place on my board where we counted down.  I diligently erased the number every morning and loving wrote the new, lesser number.  The number bringing me closer to summer.

When I was a Deaf Ed teacher.

Before I became a librarian.

Then it changed.  I think there are many reasons for this change.

1. Although I loved being a Deaf Ed teacher I love being a librarian more. #lovemyjob #bestjobever #librarian

2.  I see more students as a librarian and I notice poverty more.  The majority of my students are on free lunch with a few on reduced.  School is the only place some of them get meals. Which they won't be getting during the summer.  

3.  Since I see more students I also see more of their home lives.  And I know that school is their safe haven. Summer is a long time to not feel safe. 

4.  I have a marvelous principal who very gently taught me the error of my ways.

5. I'm older now.  Not that 38 is old and wise but I'm not young and naive.

Who am I to let these kids see me celebrate, count down, to when I don't have to be with them?  How would that make me feel to see that happen to me?

So I don't count down anymore.

Where kids can see me.

I totally count down in my head but I find I don't actually start counting down until some one else on campus mentions it.

It feels weird to not be counting down.  Doesn't society tell us we are not suppose to like our work? That we are suppose too hang on till our next break?  That our work is something we HAVE to do not something we GET to do? 

I GET to go to work. I GET to introduce students to new books. I GET to help teachers find what they need for their classes & students. These are not things I have to do. I GET to do them. 

Don't get me wrong. I love my summers. The late mornings. Slowly drinking my coffee. Endless hours to read. 

But I won't count down in front of my students. 

This is my new normal!  Hopefully I'll teach another teacher this new norm and it'll be something that spreads.  Adding just a little more positive to a world that can be so negative.

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