Sunday, May 17, 2015


New Kids On The Block!!!!

I've been to every concert they have had in Houston. My daddy & childhood BFF's dad took us when we were in junior high. They are good dads!

When NKOTB made their come back in 2008 I got my mommy's group (three of my besties) to go with me. We've been to three concerts together. Then one bestie moved. So three of us went to the next concert. 

And this year only two of us were able to go. We still had a great time!

Nelly opened the concert. I wish he'd stayed on stage a little longer. I really enjoyed his performance!

TLC was next. I'm not a huge fan but I did like their performance. 

This little boy nearly hit my bestie in the face a few times. 

It was really loud! So we stuffed cotton in our ears. #WeAreOld

And then NKOTB came out! They play old songs and new songs. It was a great mix! 

This is a picture of Donnie. We were having a moment. We made eye contact... through the big screen. It was very magical. 

I love me some Donnie! He's always been my favorite. I love those bad boys... it's why I married a preacher... Ha!

Till me meet again New Kids!

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