Saturday, May 9, 2015


I can't seem to get well and stay well. 

I got over broncitis then a few days later got a weird stomach thing that turned into a migraine. 

Then a couple of days after than I got a minor earache. Even though it was minor I was just so tired of being sick I nearly lost it at the minor earache. 

So we are spending another weekend on the couch. Trying to build my immune system back up. Trying to rest. Trying to let my body do its thing. 

I'll probably OD on vitamin C. 

For a girl who's a mover and a shacker. Who likes to be on the go.  Who's papa called her, her mom, and her granny road lizards because we were (are) always on the go.  

Two weekends on the couch... sadly, is starting to get old. 

I'll try to remember this feeling so I can slap myself in the fall when life suddenly gets unbelievely crazy and all I want is a little time to just lay on the couch. 

Netflix here I come!

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