Thursday, May 28, 2015

Positive Phone Calls

When I was a Deaf Ed teacher it was very easy for me to stay in touch with my students' parents. I never had more than 8 students at a time. And I was pretty close to all of them. It was easy to make a positive phone call. 

When texting became a thing it became even easier for me to stay in touch with my students' parents. None of them ever abused my phone number. They only contacted me when it was necessary. 

Now that I'm a librarian it's been harder for me to reach out to parents. I don't have students' phone numbers so if I do decide to call a parent I have to contact the teacher and/or the PEIM clerk to get a number. Which just seems like a lot of work. 

Yesterday and today I have had two students helping me inventory all the library books. Both students have had a rough year so I decided make a positive call home for both students. 

I talked to one parent this evening. I praised the student, said what a hard working he is, how interesting he was to talk to and how much fun I've had with him these last two days. Mom paused when I was done talking (I thought we had lost our connection!) and said "He's had a very rough year. It's so good to hear you say some nice things about him." I wanted to cry. Cry for him and his rough year. Cry for her and all the negative comments she's had to listen to about her baby, this boy that she loves. And I wanted to smack myself for not making more of these calls home. 

I haven't called the other students parents yet because I will need a translator but I can't wait to make another positive call home!

I challenge you to make a positive call home!

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