Friday, May 22, 2015

BOGO Book Fair

I'm having my last Book Fair of the year.  I started today since Monday is Memorial Day and we don't have school.  I wanted it to be open 5 days and didn't want to go into the last week of school.

Yesterday my hubby came up and got the boxes down for me then had to run back to work so I did the rest of the set up.  My back and knee were killing me when I was done so I ran... well, it was probably more of a limp, drag my leg than a run but run sounds so much younger, to the Advil when I was done.  Sweet, sweet Advil!

Having a Book Fair the second to last week of school is crazy.  But I do crazy well so here I am the end of the year, close to loosing my mind, back tired, knee hurting and having a BOGO Book Fair. Fun times!

I keep reminding myself that I'll rest when I'm dead.

There hasn't been 3 Book Fairs on this campus in a while.  From what I could tell in my Scholastic Toolkit it's been at the very least since 2012.  2012 is as far back as I can see but I really think it was before that by the teachers' reaction.  All the teachers who have been on this campus before had never heard of a BOGO Book Fair.

This Book Fair is really for the teachers and the students.  I don't make any money from it although I do get Scholastic Dollars.  I've got my wish list started! I spend money well too!

So wish me luck and peace for my sanity and no aches for my body as I work this last Book Fair the second to last week of school!

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