Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Book Processing

We did STAAR retesting today. I didn't test but I did monitor. 

I walked around on the hour & checked on teachers & the other monitor walked around on the 1/2 hour. 

On my off time I processed Spanish & biligual books. This batch are fiction. 

When I process I ALWAYS forget a step. Every. Time. 

This time I forgot to write the barcode number on the inside page. 

I always remember just as I think "Yay! I'm done with these books!" Then I remember. Nope. I forgot something. 

I've thought about making a sign with all the steps. But some of my books come processed and I just need to add some personal things and some I have to completely process myself. So to make a sign would be a little tricky since I don't have to do all steps everytime. 

Maybe I should make multiple signs. Like "Books That Need Full Processing" and "Books That Need Partcial Processing."

I need to figure something out because this is getting annoying. Ha!

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