Friday, May 22, 2015

Last Day of 6th Grade

The LAST DAY OF 6TH GRADE FOR MY DAUGHTER?!? How did that happen???  I thought it was such a cliche when people would tell me "Enjoy this time with Reagan, time flies!" How fast could time REALLY fly?

What a stupid question!  Time REALLY flies! 6th grade is over.  She'll be in 7th grade next year.  7th grade!

6 more years of grade school.

6 more summers at home.

6 more vacations.

6 more birthdays at home

6 more holidays at home.

6 more years where I make the rules.

6 more years I have to teacher her about life.

6 more years I have to teacher her about the world.

6 more years that she's just mine and my hubby's.

6 more years I don't have to share her.

6 more years.

6 years.


Time really flies.

First day of 6th grade

Last Day of 6th grade

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