Monday, July 10, 2017

It's Monday! What Are You Reading?

Y'all.  Y'all I listened to the longest audiobook ever.  Ever.  Known.  To.  Man.  Ok, not really but it felt like it.  As part of the Audiobook Sync 16 weeks of free audiobooks I downloaded The Witches: Salem, 1692 by Stacy Schiff two weeks ago.  I just finished it this morning.  I was super excited to listen to this book because I'm fascinated by the Salem Witch Trails.  We went to Salem for a day a couple of summers ago while we were in Boston for our family vacation.  It's such a fun little town. We visited the Salem Witch Trials Memorial, walked around town, visited shops and the Bewitched statue and ate lunch.  So I wanted to listen to the audiobook and add to my knowledge of the Salem Witch Trials.  But sweet biscuits, it was long!  It also felt choppy.  It jumped around from person to person.  It was hard to keep up with.  When I went to rate it on Goodreads I saw that it averaged 3 stars so I didn't feel to bad about giving it 3 stars too.

Towers Falling by Jewell Parker Rhodes is nominated for the Texas Bluebonnet Award.  I wanted to read this book because 9/11 is the first event that happened when I was an adult that I truly understand the implications of such an attack.  It was a powerful book for me.  I understand what 9/11 did to us as a country.  I can sympathize with the 1st responders.  But I had never thought about the effect of the attack on the people working inside the Twin Towers.  As I type that I realize that sounds ridiculous.  I mean why wouldn't I think about the after effects for those people?  Some how I didn't though.  This fiction book did that for me though.  It showed me how even 15 years later this tragedy still effects people in awful ways.  And not just the people that experienced it but even their families who have to deal with the depression, illnesses, etc of their loved ones.

I started Point of Impact by Stephen Hunter after watching the Netflix series "Shooter."  I didn't realize "Shooter" was based on a book until the 2nd to last episode.  So after watching the series I put the eBook on hold.  I'm 17% of the way through the book (according to my Kindle).  I'm glad I watched the series first.  There's a lot of military lingo and info on guns that I think would of bogged my mind down if I didn't have a bit of background knowledge already.

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