Monday, July 24, 2017

Manic Mommies Reunion Podcast

Back when I was a stay at home mommy, in 2005 I found a podcast called Manic Mommies.

If memory serves me well (and it never really does) I had a Palm Pilot back then.  I would have to download the podcast from my laptop onto a sims card, insert it into the Palm Pilot then search through all my music until I could find The Manic Mommies podcast.  It wasn't as easy as it is now to download a podcast!

Although they were working mommies and I was a stay at home mommy, we were still mommies. We still had the same worries, the same concerns, the same joys, and the same love.  Their two oldest sons are the same age as Reagan.

I loved listening to them.  I loved knowing I wasn't alone.  And when I started working part time then three years later full time they were still there for me.  Our similarities grew.

Back in 2014 they released their last episode.  It was a sad day for me.  I had spent 9 years listening to these mommies.  Spent 9 years listening to their laughter, to their complaints, to their wins and their losses.  They were a small part of my life.

After raising money for a cancer institution they reunited for an episode.  They did this in 2016 also. Somehow I missed that episode.  So last week I downloaded both the 2016 and 2017 reunion episodes.

Their voices took me back.  Took me back to the good old days.  I listened to them back when we still lived in Houston.  When I was still a stay at home mommy.  When I still worked for a district I grew up in and loved.  When I lived 35-45 minutes from my best friend.  When I lived 15 minutes from my parents and in the same city as the rest of my family.  To a time I was happy about everything in my life.

And I started crying.  I cried for the good old days.  Cried because I missed them.  Cried because it was nice to hear that they still have the same child raising issues I have.  Cried because it was just good to hear their voices.

And then I decided to stop crying and enjoy the moment.

I do wish I hadn't listened to both episodes back to back while I cleaned my house.  I wish I had savored them and listened to one later.  But honestly I couldn't help myself.  I just had to listen to both.

Now I'm waiting for the 2018 reunion!


  1. Sometimes it is hard to connect to the 'good old days', but I'm glad you changed to enjoy the moment, too. I've never heard of these, will ask my daughter if she has. She would have loved them too in those early "mommie" years.

  2. I think everyone has memories of their "good old days" and we all get a bit weepy when we think of them or something sets us off thinking about them. I guess today will be someone's "good old days" sometime in the future.