Monday, July 17, 2017

Reading Other People's Blogs

Since I didn't keep up with my blog in June it also means that I didn't participate in the Tuesday's Slice of Life put on by Two Writing Teachers.  Which means I wasn't reading other people's blogs either.

I'm back at daily blogging.  Back to posting my Tuesday Slice.  And back to reading other people's blogs.

I knew I missed blogging.  Missed putting my thoughts into black and white words.  Missed writing about my life, the books I read, taking pictures of the little things in my life and sharing.

What I didn't realize is how much I missed reading other people's blogs.

I have a ton of blogs I follow in my Feedly but their not real people.  I mean, they ARE real people but they aren't the teacher with a little blog they keep up with for themselves.  They are professional bloggers.  They do blog about their life but they also blog advertisements and stuff for money.

I missed the... I don't know what word to use here... amateur (maybe) blogger.

I like reading about the little things.  Like the teacher blogger who was moving states, changing from a suburban, financially fluent school to an urban school with no money.  Or the mom blogger who found some journals from her childhood who took some time to read through them and remember her old self.

I missed those simple things.  I didn't expect that.


  1. Reading other "real" people's blogs is one of my favorite parts of Slice of Life as well. Welcome back to daily blogging. I hope you find lots of good blogs to read, and they encourage you to keep writing.

  2. I also like reading about these ordinary people, too. I sometimes think about giving up on my amateurish little blog, but I like doing it so much that the fact that hardly anyone ever reads it is inconsequential.

    1. Don't give up, Adrienne! While you write for you, freely and truthfully, extraordinary & unexpected things come. A person who just happened to need those words, in just that moment ... and other adventures yet unknown. I started mine just to stretch myself as I writer because I knew I needed it. "To thine own self be true" - keep putting your mind & heart out there and enjoy whatever grows from it. For something always does. :)

  3. Ah, the ordinary, simple things of life are the best, the ones that last. This is an important understanding.

  4. It's wonderful to read about all those small moments that people share, isn't it? I think they are the building blocks to this amazing community. So glad you're back and blogging again. Doesn't it feel great!?

  5. I so agree, Linsey. It really is refreshing to read the posts of "ordinary folk" like us who aren't writing about our perfect lives or flogging teaching materials on unnamed websites. I was away last week and missed it, too! -- Christie @