Thursday, May 19, 2016

Thankful Thursday-Modern Medicine

Two weekends in a row I haven't felt well.

The first weekend I got a migraine that started Saturday around 9:15 and lasted until Monday at 9:15. It's the longest one I've ever had.  It was weird too, smells really bothered me.  If there was no smells I was perfectly fine but if something even remotely smelled (good or bad) my head would exploded.  Sounds bothered it a little too.  Jay walked through the house Sunday in his dress shoes and I had to tell him to stop walking.  He laughed that he had to crawl through his own house. Ha!

Last weekend I started coughing Friday night.  When I woke up Saturday morning I felt a little achy, my throat and ears hurt and I was coughing like crazy.  I didn't go to worship Sunday morning but I went Sunday night and sat in the back armed with cough drops and a bottle of water.  I went to school Monday mostly because I didn't have a fever and because it's my BOGO Book Fair this week.  Really bad time.

I gave in Wednesday and went to the doctor after school.  I have bronchitis and allergies.  I got a shot, two prescriptions and an over the counter allergy medication.  I started taking all the meds right before Bible study last night.

I'm feeling a little better but still not 100%.

This snapchat feature is a perfect example of how I feel right now!  Ha!

Today I am thankful for modern medicine.

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