Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Five For Friday-A Busy Night

We have a busy Friday night ahead of us.

1. Reagan's part of the crew for her school play tonight.  Their plays are always so good!

2. Trying to get our family fed before the play.  That's no easy feat as a working mom.  And I need to bath because I have car rider duty after school.  In the Texas heat.  I stink in the afternoons.

3.  A family friend has graduated with his master's degree.  Yay!  We have his party at the exact same time as Reagan's play. Ugh

4.  We will be unfashionably later for the graduation party.

5.  I keep reminding myself I can rest when I'm dead.  There will be plenty of time for rest then.  Who needs rest now?  There's too much fun to be had!

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