Friday, May 27, 2016

Five For Friday-BFF

Five for Friday-Dinner with my BFF and family.

 1. We both wore a Texas shirt.  Totally unplanned!  Great minds think alike!
2.  Our hubbies are so goofy!  We never get together as couples.  And we only get together as families once a year on Christmas.  So it was fun to be together last night.  We also realized we'll all be in Chicago for vacation at the same time.  So we made plans to meet up for dinner.

3.  The children started dinner in their seats.  Sweet little angels!

4. And ended dinner dancing around the table.  Seriously, I don't know who trained these children.  Ha!

5. We only "had" to apologize to one couple for their behavior (and really their behavior wasn't bad just a little loud and in motion). The couple graciously said they had no electricity and the kids were their entertainment for the night. We certainly kept them entertained! Ha!  The hostess tried to seat them right next to the kid's table but the couple said no asked to be seated a row over and a couple of tables up.  I giggled inside cuz I would of done the same thing!

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