Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Five for Friday-Serendipity

I read this blog the other day.  It made me really think about this word 'serendipity'.  What in my life has been serendipity?  Though I really can't say for certain here are five things I came up with:

Five For Friday-Serendipity

1.  Had I chosen a different college to go to I wouldn't of met my husband.

2.  If I hadn't miscarried my first pregnancy I would not have my daughter today.

3. If I had gone straight to get my master's degree instead of taking a year off I would be a school diagnostician now instead of a school librarian.

4. If my material grandparents hadn't built and sold a house every 2-4 years my mom might not of ended up at the same high school as my dad.

5.  If the garbage truck hadn't rolled back into my PT Cruiser I'd be driving a car right now with an AC that didn't work very well and I wouldn't be a very happy camper.

Serendipitous?  Maybe, maybe not. But fun to think about. 

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