Tuesday, May 24, 2016

I Was On The Local News!

My library phone rang about 12:10 last Tuesday afternoon.

Lady: Mrs. Taylor, I'm from KTRE channel 9 and I want to interview you about your new Summer Reading tab on your school website.

Ummmm, OK!

I hung up then I freaked out.  I mean, I was wearing a t-shirt and jean.  At least the t-shirt was Harry Potter and book related!

My hair was a hot mess.  My school is an open campus.  We have 4 buildings plus 4 temporary buildings, none connected by walls, we walk outside to get anywhere we need to get in the school.

So humidity... yea, not my friend.

I called around looking for someone with hairspray or gel or anything really that would make my hair less frizzy.

I could find none.  I damped my hands in the sink in the clinic and patted my hair down and brushed. It was... ok.

I had had a hacking cough since the Friday before.  I was still having coughing fits and my voice was really rough.

But I pulled it all together!  My hair was reasonable.  My voice was rough but was audible.  I didn't cough once.

Take a look here!

Then I made the news AGAIN last night! This time it was KETK channel 51 out of Tyler.

Take a look here!

I'm still in a t-shirt and jeans but at least the shirt says "Librarian".  My hair was doing better since the guy came in the morning.  My voice was back!  You know, all those important things.  Ha!


  1. Summer reading in the news - love it! Way to represent, Linsey.

  2. How exciting! And how wonderful that the news stations are helping get the message out about summer reading. I love that you were fretting about bad hair etc... I would be doing the same thing!

  3. Great job! It was exciting to see your library, students, and book fair in those news reports.

  4. Very cool! We all need some recognition, and librarians don't get enough! You are a star shining brightly!