Saturday, January 30, 2016

What a Day

Last Friday was a day I don't ever want to repeat. It started with 5th grade. And taking everything I said so literal. So. Unbelievably. Literal. At one point I just stopped talking and gave a student a look. Just stared. Stared until he became uncomfortable, apologize and did what I originally asked. I know it's the age, to take everything so literal but really!

Then the 3rd grade teachers got pulled into a long parent/teacher conference. It went so long that I had to keep 3rd grade while I had 2nd grade. 3rd grade was fine when they were in there by themselves but when 2nd grade came in 3rd grade lost their minds. Lost. Their. Little. Minds. By the time the teachers came and got both classes my blood pressure was off the chart. 

At lunch I had to have a Diet Dr. Pepper. But I was short 5 cents. My fabulous assistant principal quickly dug through her desk and gave me a quarter. 

1st grade turned things around for me. A student asked me if I knew her granny. I said "No, unless I met her at a parent night and can't remember." She continues with "Well, she used to wear a wig but now she has tracks. Is your hair real or a wig?" Then she reaches up and tugs my hair. I lost it. Laughed till I nearly cried. Laughed till my stomach muscles hurt. I called my favorite paraprofessional and told her the story. I laughed all over again. 

That one little girl made my day. She made me refocus on the positive when I was so focused on the negative.

Then Kindergarten came.  After a story and checking out books I sent them to stations.  One sweet little boy who is always smiling and quick with a compliment came up to me with his LEGO creation.

Kinder: Mrs. Taylor, look!  I made a knife!

Me:  You sure did!  But we don't make weapon in the library out of LEGOs.

Kinder: Ok!

He goes back to the LEGO walls and comes back to me a few minutes later with a new creations.

Kinder:  Look!  I made a BIGGER knife!

Me: Remember what Mrs. Taylor said?  We don't make weapons in the library?

Kinder: Oh... right!

He goes back to the LEGO wall, pauses, comes back to me and says:

Kinder: Is a taser a weapon?

Me: Yes it is.

Kinder: Ok, I guess I can't make that either.

These kids can make me lose my mind and crack me up all within minutes. This is (one reason) why I love my job. I never know what's going to come out of their little mouths. 

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