Thursday, January 7, 2016

Bean Bags!

We have a group in our area called Supporters of Nacogdoches ISD.  They asked all the teachers in our school district to list 3 items we'd like donated to our classroom.

I jumped at the chance to have some items donated!  I filled out the survey they sent us via email with:

1 yellow bean bag

1 green bean bag

1 red bean bag

AND I GOT ALL THREE!!!  The ladies that delivered them to me in the library told me that one person donated all three.

I am so excited!  With a limited budget and a library collection that is 18 years old (below standard according to TLA standards) I don't like to spend my budget on "extras" like bean bags.  I'm trying desperately to weed out outdated books and purchase current books. To bring this library up to standard.  So having someone donate 3 bean bags to the library is awesome sauce!

Of course now I can think of a dozen other things I could put on a donation list... I think I'll keep a running list in case we are asked again!

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