Thursday, January 14, 2016


I have a love/hate relationship with the newspaper.  Really it's mostly hate with a little bit of love sprinkled in.

I don't like the way the thin, cheap paper feels.

I don't like the black ink on my fingers.

I don't like that so many of the articles are wrong. (I speak from experience here.  I've had articles write about my Deaf Ed classroom, about my school, about my library, and me teaching my daughter sign language when she was a baby and I wonder if the reporter was at the as same interview I was participating in, so many of the facts were wrong.)

I just don't like the newspaper.

I do love reading Dear Abby.

I love the comics.

I love reading my horoscope even though I don't put much (well, any) stock in it.

I love Wednesdays because there's a recipe section.  Which is ironic since I hate cooking... that's for another post.

I wouldn't say that I love reading the articles about my school district but I do look for them and read them when they're there.

I'd never buy a subscription for my house but I'm glad I get them for my library!

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