Monday, February 6, 2017

Gospel Meetings

Reagan and I don't normally get to go with Jay when he preaches in Gospel Meetings.  Normally their during the week during the school year.  With me working full time and Reagan in 8th grade it makes impossible for us to go with him.

But this year most of his meetings have been in the area or on the weekend close by so we've been able to go.

1.  I like going because I know Jay likes having us there.

2.  It's nice to meet Christians in other areas.

3.  It's helpful to see what happens during a gospel meeting.  Jay of course tells me about them but it's different to experience it.

4.  It can be hard to "be on" for a whole week or a weekend.

5.  I'm just glad I get to support my hubby and his efforts to preach God's word.

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