Thursday, February 9, 2017

Bullet Journal-Prayer Page

I found the idea for a prayer page on Pinterest.  I thought this was a fabulous idea!

In our Ladies' Bible Class at church we've been studying different prayers in the Bible once a month on Mondays the last year and half.  One of the things I've noticed is that all the prayers are very specific.  And each one is different.

This got me to thinking about my prayers.  They had become repetitive.  I was praying about the same things over and over.  Sometimes the people I prayed for changed... if I could remember who was sick and who needed prayers but it was still the same basic prayer.  

So when I started my bullet journal and started searching Pinterest for page ideas and found Prayer Prompts I was super excited!  I don't use it daily but I do use it often. I've prayed about things I hadn't thought about praying for like "Prayer for a person you have a hard time loving."  Let that sink in a minute.  It's powerful.  To pray for someone you have a hard time loving is not easy.

This page has really changed my prayer life.  I'll definitely be including it in future journals!

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