Monday, February 13, 2017

Five for Friday-WOW

My BFF, Emily and I have been going Women of Worthiness (WOW) for a few years now.  It's a ladies Bible retreat.  It's this weekend and I'm super excited!

1.  I get to honor God with nothing but Christian women.  There's just nothing like the fellowship.  There's nothing like seeing 400ish women in one large room learning more about the Bible.

2.  Emily and I are mixing it up this year and staying an extra day.

3.  One of our other Houston Girls is coming.  She's moved to Lubbock and we don't get to see her much.  She'll be staying with us and staying all weekend too! :)

4.  Our other Houston Girl, Brandi, can't come this year.  :(

5.  It'll be an awesome weekend of praising God and being with most of my Houston girls.

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