Friday, February 24, 2017

Five For Friday-Random

1.  It's be a long 4 day week.  Having Monday off really isn't worth it.

2.  Jay got sick but seems to be recovering much faster than I did.

3.  Reagan's got her 2nd babysitting job Saturday.  I'm super exciting for her!

4.  It nearly killed me to have to go to bed last night when I only 20 pages left in my book.  If I don't get enough sleep I'm a grumpy pants so I had to "adult" last night and make myself go to bed instead of finish my book.

5.  It's pajama day at school today!  But I had to run into Walmart this morning... in my pajamas.  I was one of "those" people.  I wanted to announce I was in my pj for school.  I really didn't think that trip to Walmart through! lol

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