Tuesday, August 2, 2016

The Cursed Child Midnight Release Party

My dad, Reagan, and I had so much fun at The Cursed Child Midnight Release Party. We went to the Barnes and Noble near my parents house in Houston.

We started with getting sorted. 

My dad and I pulled Ravenclaw and Reagan pulled Gryffindor (little square colored construction paper). We all wanted to stay together and Reagan and I were sporting our house shirts (Hufflepuff!) so we headed over to the Hufflepuff table and asked if we could join them instead. They said yes!

On Pottermore my dad was sorted into Ravenclaw so we took his picture with the Ravenclaw table. 

We played "Who Am I?", did crossword puzzles, a maze, "make new words out of a Harry Potter phrase" (my dad wished he'd brought his glasses! Ha!) etc. 

I loved that this kid dressed up as a dementor.  I asked him if I could get my picture with him. With him being a kid I thought he'd just stand beside me.  Nope, he put his arm around me & posed. Ha! Barnes and Noble had the Sorting Hat sitting out so we took picture with it too. 

LOVE the "Have You Seen This Wizard?" photo booth! 

Reagan and I got tattoos!

We wrote on the wall & I made a wand. 

The bathroom was even decorated. I felt a little creepy taking a picture in the bathroom! Ha!

We had to sit and refuel. Midnight is way past all our bedtimes.  Ha!  Coffee for my dad and I and a hot chocolate for Reagan. And we shared a cinnamon muffin. While we ate and drank my dad did the wand quiz and the Ilvermorny house sorting quiz on Pottermore. My dad was sorted into Pukwudgie like Reagan and me. We were happy about that! 

Then we finally had our books! I stayed up till 1 o'clock reading. Reagan read on the way back to my parents house. And read on our drive back to Nacogdoches Sunday. She was able to finish right before evening worship. I, on the other hand, skipped dinner with friends (was called a loser), ate a peanut butter sandwich and had to stay up late again last night to finish the book. 

It was so much fun experiencing a midnight release party with my dad and Reagan! 

(P.S. My laptop died and went to techy heaven. So I had to use my iPhone to write this post. Which means... I couldn't shrink all my pictures. I can't wait to get a new laptop & my school iPad back!)


  1. Oh, what fun! I had no idea there would be so many activities. I thought it was just about lining up to get the book.

  2. What fun, and what a great memory for the three of you. My almost 18 year old is dying to get her hands on the book too.

  3. What fun, and what a great memory for the three of you. My almost 18 year old is dying to get her hands on the book too.

  4. What fun! I had no idea those books releases had so many fun activities. A young cousin of mine took part in a quidditch tournament on Sunday, though I never found out how that worked.

  5. So adorable from “The Cursed Child Midnight Release Party”! The event sounds so fun and enjoyable. You know I have also been to this spot. Actually I attended a friend’s bachelor party over there. Now I will also host a party at one of best LA venues.