Thursday, August 25, 2016


The first two weeks of school before students can back was stressful. I was fighting a few battles for "my" library that quite frankly I'm tired of fighting.

Add to that seven boxes of new books that needed processing. Which took me 3 days plus help from two para working on them for nearly two more days left me with burning shoulder blades and lower neck tension. 

I made a massage appointment for last Saturday afternoon. 

It. Was. Amazing. A. Ma. Zing. 

She started with my neck and got it all loosey goosey. Then ran her hand up my shoulder blades and I nearly embarrassed myself by groaning.

It felt that good.

She spent most of her time on my back, neck and arms cuz my carpel tunnel has been killing me too. 

It was shocking how fast that hour went. Like lightening fast!

Why does time pass so fast when you're having fun?!?

I am so thankful for massages!

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