Friday, July 31, 2015

Wish List

The librarians (and me too!) in my district met with the public librarians and the school districts Volenteer Service Coordinator to throw some ideas around on ways we can collaborate. Our goal is to unite the community through reading. 

As I've said in previous posts this will be my 3rd year as a librarian. As I was listening in the meeting it sounded like the public librarians and the school librarians use to collaborate more in previous years. With budgets cuts and such the collaboration kind of fell to the wayside. So we are trying to get collaboration back up and running. 

We threw around a lot of ideas that I'm very excited about. Here are some things we talked about. 

*Texas Reads One Book

*Open House (at school)-how can volunteers help us?

*Literacy Night-invite community readers to campus 

*National Read Along Day-how can volunteers help us?

*Create a hashtag that community & school people can post pictures of readers reading-#nacreads

Our Volunteer Service Coorododinator also told us to create a wish list. Here's what I have so far.  

Wish list-
*Duct tape for a makers space

*Dry erase paint for the back of a shelf that I'm having to move. Students will be able draw all over it. 

*500+ piece puzzles

I'm keeping my wish list close so when I have an idea I can write it down immediately. I have a terrible memory. There's nothing worse than having a brilliant idea and forgetting it moments later! 

Do you have any ideas for my wish list?


  1. It sounds as if you're going to have lots of fun coordinating with the libraries. As for the wish list, I'm assuming for your library, how about some comfy chairs, like beanbags? One of our library's popular bulletin boards fills up all year with recommendations for books. Do you have enough boards? Best wishes for a great year with everyone.

  2. Total slap on the forehead, duh moment! Bean bags! I have one in the library (it was my daughters) and I've been wanting more. I have no idea how I forgot about bean bags! Lol