Thursday, July 16, 2015

Family Time

My aunt had a double lung transplant about 4 years ago. She has been doing great until recently. From April to now she has fallen 3 times. She's broken her wrist, ankle, & elbow. The most recent fall severely tore some ligaments in her left knee. 

I got to thinking that now that my Granny's in her 80s she can't go visit her own daughter in another city and my aunt can't go visit her own mother since she's falling so much. I would HATE not to be able to see my daughter or my mom. So my mom and I planned a day trip. My mom, Reagan, and I picked up my granny one morning and headed to Austin to see my aunt. 

We took my granny's Lincoln. That's a pretty sweet ride!

Four generations of women! We are a little scary when we all get together. Ha!

We had a great visit. We lifted my aunt's (and uncle's) spirit. We feed them, laughted with them, prayed with them, and almost cried with them. 

My aunt has to wear a medical bracelet with all her info on it. She wants to be able to change the bracelet to match her outfit. So I made her these. 

She wore the blue and pink one first (my least favorite). She thought about wearing the black & white one first but my granny said she didn't think wearing black in a hospital was the best idea. Ha!

I'm so glad we got to take my granny to see my aunt! It did them both some good. Everyone feels a bit better after seeing each other. 

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