Monday, July 20, 2015

New Library Books

I've gone into work twice this month. Getting the library ready for next school year. Processing books. Calling venders and changing barcode ranges. Making new labels. Thinking of how I'm going to rearrange some shelves. Making some new displays. Etc, etc, etc. 

I'm real excited about the new books I've gotten. They were ordered last school year but just came in this summer. I was disappointed that I didn't get them last school year but now I'm kind of excited we get to start school with so many new books!

I had a teacher and our curriculum facilitator last year request we purchase more math books. Boy, did I purchase more math books! Unfortunately both of those educators moved on to different schools for next year but I know our math teachers will LOVE these books!

Here are just a few of the series we have now. 

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