Friday, July 31, 2015

"New" Bike

My 80 something year old grandma decided that she shouldn't be riding her bike anymore. An excellent decision if I do say so myself! So she gave it to Reagan. 

My dad took the basket and horn off cuz those just aren't cool. Really it's still not a very cool bike with or without the basket and horn but a bike is a bike. Right?

It's ancient. Grandma got it from JC Penney's many moons ago. See? It still has the Penney's sticker. Now that's a quality sticker!

Reagan's having a hard time riding it. It's a little bit to big. Which is funny since 5 foot Reagan is now taller than Grandma. 

So I rode it. I haven't ridden a bike since, I don't know when. College or high school maybe?  I rode it in a little circle first just to get my bearings. Then took off up the street, around the culdisac, to the stop sign and back to the house. 

I rode for maybe 3 minutes. And my rear end hurts! How pathetic is that? 

I think I might take up biking. If my rear end can take it....

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