Monday, April 27, 2015

What a Monday

I've been feeling bad since Saturday. I'll spare you the details of said illness. I've lost my voice and as a librarian who reads to every class that comes to the library well, that's a bad thing. 

I'll be jumping around here but I promise it'll all make since when I'm done. 

So I'm doing my morning drop off duty at school this morning in a storm when we hear a big boom and loose electricity to the school. We continue with school reasonably like we normally would. If we don't get power back by mid morning then we will send the kids home early. 

Since we have no power I decide to call the doctor and see if I can get an appointment this morning since I won't be having classes in the library. 

I get into the doctor. For her to tell me I have bronchitis. Two shots, a prescription, and two over the counter meds later I get a text from school saying we are dismissing at 11:00. 

I run by Walgreens to get my prescription but it hasn't been called in yet so I get my over the counter meds but they don't have one. So I run by CVS, luckily they have it. 

I get to school in time to help with dismissal but my fabulous principal (who knows I'm sick) sends me to pack up my stuff and shoos me out the door. 

So now I'm home resting. I got some things ready for dinner and a few things ready for our breakfast and lunch for tomorrow ready. And now I'm laid out on the couch waiting to pick my prescription and my girl up from school. 

What a Monday!