Thursday, April 9, 2015

Collection Analysis

I ran an analysis on my library collection today.  Back in June the average age was 1994 (according to TLA standards that's considered good). Today it is 1996! By the end of the school year I'd like it to be 1997. And by the end of the next school year I'd like to have it at 2001 which would be excellent condition.

I did a lot of weeding this week in the biography section. I think that helped a LOT. 

My principal also received a lot of grant money this year and I was able to spend a significant amount of money on new books. I was also able to use some Bilingual money to purchase Spanish and Bilingual books. 

My book fairs did really good this year and I was able to use Scholastic dollars on new books, assessories, decorations, etc. 

My collection is coming along!

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