Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Getting my Learnin' on At TLA

Texas Library Association (TLA) as been a blast!  

The first day, Tuesday afternoon, I attended Speech Dating with Bluebonnet Book Authors. We were only able to visit with eight authors/illustrators. Two were unable to attend. Unfortunately there wasn't enough time to get to the other 10. 

I've gotten a lot of free goodies!

I had to get my picture taken with my alma mater's mascot, the Bearkat. And after dinner we walked down to the capital building. 

On the way to the capital building a homeless man asked us for some money for food. We ignored him. So he added for food or crack. I couldn't help myself. I giggled. 

I plan to talk more about the sessions I went to in another post. I'm too tired to think that hard right now. I have been tweeting during the session so check out my Twitter feed!

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