Thursday, April 30, 2015

Change Is Coming

I'm not one to resist change.  I don't always love change but I can generally see the need for it and can go with the flow.  I might freak out in my head but you won't see me freak out.

My principal is leaving the district.  I've been with him for two years.  He has respected my library and respected me.  We have learned and grown together.

I hate to see him leave.

This is the kind of change I struggle with.  I've had it good for the last two years and I can't image another principal treating the library and me the way he did.

So I'm struggling...

... to understand why he's leaving.  Though I wish him nothing but the best of luck.

... to understand how this will be good for our school.  The teachers and paras he brought with him to this school have made a great changes at this school.

... to understand where my library will go from here.  Not many principals understand the library the way he does.  Not many will allow me to spend what I spent this year.  Not many will find the grants he did so I could spend the money I did.

... to understand what's coming.  I think this is the hardest part.  We don't know who our new principal will be and what changes will be made.  And that's tough.

So I'm actually ready for next year.  I'm ready to get started so that I will know what I'm dealing with. Whether I will have to fight and prove my worth/my library's worth or will the new principal be as supporting of the library as my old principal.

Perhaps our school song is more foretelling than I realized: Hold on, change is coming.  Hold on, don't worry about a thing.

Change... can be a bear.


totally worth it.

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