Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Weeding Has Begun

I decided to join the Shelf Challenge this April.  Last year was my first year in the library.  I inherited a pristine library.  Since I was new and the library was in such good condition I was hesitant to weed. I did trash books that was worn but I didn't go further than that.

This year I moved with my principal to a different school.  The library needed a lot of tender loving care.  My fabulous mother-in-law, dear hubby, darling daughter and I spend all summer working on it.  There was a lot of sweat, a lot of tears, and a little blood.  But the end result was worth it!

Since we had to pull every book off the shelf this summer so the shelves could be painted and reshelf them when the paint was dry I was able to physically touch most of the books.  I knew I was going to have to do a major weeding.  It seemed so overwhelming!  So I was happy when I heard about the Shelf Challenge.  It has helped me focus on one area and not feel so weighed down by the task.

I decided to start with the biographies.  I picked this shelf because a lot of the books look like this:

It's crazy the books I've found in this section!  There's a book on Johnny Carson copyrighted in 1972! One on Pocahontas copyrighted 1946! I think these are good book to get rid of!

Below are some more pictures of books I've pulled to evaluate.

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