Wednesday, June 28, 2017

The Things We Choose and the Things That Choose Us

I was reading one of the Nerdy Book Club blogs  a few weeks ago and this sentence jumped out at me "I was pondering all the things people choose, and all the things that choose us."  My OLW for 2017 is "choose".

I've thought about all the things I can choose but I never stopped and thought about the things that choose me.

My first thought to this was that I could choose how I react to the things that choose me.  Which is a complete and total truth.  But at the same time that's not the same thing as things in life choosing us.  We don't always have a choice.  

In the blog, Laura Ruby talks about getting breast cancer.  The cancer chose her.  She'll have to cancel signings, slow up on her future works for a while, etc all taken from her because of cancer.  Which was not her choice. 

How many things in my life happen to me that I don't choose.  Like yesterday, Jay's truck wouldn't start. The battery was dead.  I did not want to end my day jumping his truck.  Taking it to get a new battery only for the place to be closing soon.  To me having to jump the truck again before I left for work so he could get a battery before he went to work that morning.  Luckily he has a very flexible work schedule and can do these kinds of things.

There seem to be a lot of car wrecks happening to people I know on Facebook.  They certainly did choose that.




So much of life is us making chooses.  But so much of it isn't.  And we have to learn to roll with that.

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