Thursday, November 3, 2016

Student Book Clubs

I'm starting our Student Book Club this month.  I'm a bit behind schedule this year.  Normally we meet for the 1st time in Sept but this year there was talk of the whole school doing clubs on one day during the week.  I wanted to participate in that so I held off starting my Book Clubs and LEGO Clubs.

Then that idea fell through and I was rushing to put my normal clubs together.  So here we are in November.

I'm excited to get started again!  I really enjoy talking with these students about the books they chose to read.

With 3rd and 4th grade I'm thinking about doing the standard "everyone read the same books and discuss it."

But with 5th grade I'm thinking about letting them each pick their own books then discussing it with the group the next month.  I've never done it this way before and kind of want to give it a try.  We'll see how it goes.

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