Monday, November 28, 2016

It's Monday! What Are You Reading?

Disclaimer: I get a small percentage of the books if purchase through the links provided.

For Myself:

Two by Two by Nicholas Sparks was not one of my favorites of Sparks' books.  To be honest I haven't loved too many of his recent books.  Not like some of his earlier works.  Anyway, in Two By Two a husband and father decides to leave his job and start his own business without consulting his wife.  In the end his wife gets a job to bring in money.  Their life is turned upside down by all the new decisions and husband and wife have a hard time with all the changes.  The husband's family is pulled in and we meet his parents and sister and her partner.  For me the book was fairly predictable. I read it for my book club.  No else loved the book either.

The Chemist by Stephenie Meyer Honestly I only picked up this book because it's by Stephenie Meyer.  I LOVED Twilight!  LOVED it like I made my family take a vacation Forks kind of LOVE! I liked The Host but not like Twilight.  I didn't really know what to expect out of The Chemist.  I admit it took me awhile to get into the book but on page 52 (the Kindle version) I was sucked in!  Like, "Everyone shut up! I'm reading!" sucked in.  I'm 82% of the way done.  I like the action, the science, the fighting, and the dogs in this book.  The romantic dialog can be a bit corny but I can overlook that! Ha!  I'm ready to see how this book ends.  I have some theories.

For School:

Woof: A Bowser and Birdie Novel by Spencer Quinn is on our Texas Bluebonnet Award List.  I assign each librarian in our district 2-3 books from this list to read and write 20-25 questions that start "In what book does..." for our Battle of the Bluebonnets at the end of the year.  I read this one.  This is a cute series of books about a girl and her dog.  They work together to solve mysteries.  In Woof (the first book in the series) we are introduced to Birdie and Bowser.  Birdie and Grammy adopt Bowser from a shelter.  Upon their return home they find that their prized marlin has been stolen. The local Louisiana police are the case!  But Birdie and Bowser can't help but stick their nose in where it's unwelcomed!

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