Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Basketball Game

Reagan had her first basketball game for the season last week.  These girls are like a different team! They work together!  Their shots are better!  Defense is better!  Their confidence is better! Everything is better!

We have strict instructions not to yell to loudly.... or clap to loudly.... or bring any undo attention to Reagan.... You know... we are just so embarrassing.

It so hard to follow those directions!

But we try... and sometime fail.

In this group selfie (is there a name for a group selfie?) there's Michael, he's one of our college students at church (the one with the big goofy smile) and Jeff is our preacher in training (making the made up Eagle sign).  They both came out to support Reagan.

The game was so intense that Jay and I stood up most of the time.  My adrenalin was pumping so hard that I started to tear up.  Michael made fun of me and also pointed out that while I was near tears Reagan wasn't even in the game.  I promptly told him to "Shut up Michael!"

It was very mature of me and totally the example every child should follow.  Ha!  Luckily there was just parents in the stands.

The Lady Eagles won the game 20 to 17 against the team they haven't beaten in 4 years!

We are so proud of them!

Go Lady Eagles!

Melanie, a college girl from our church, also showed up to support Reagan.  And it was her birthday!

Reagan has a lot of christian college students looking after her and supporting her.  We are blessed to have them in our lives.

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