Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Joint 40th Birthday Party

Jay and I had a joint 40th birthday party this past weekend.  I turned 40 October 19 and he'll turn 40 December 1.

We had about 27 family and friends come to celebrate with us.  We rented a hall and I asked the school nurse and her husband to cater the party (they have a small side catering business).

We set up a photo booth with dress up items that represented both Jay and I and a dry erase board for people to write messages.

I asked the nurse to decorate in purples (my favorite color) and blues (Jay's favorite colors).  It turned out so pretty!

We had a great time!  The two hours flew by!

One of the paraprofessionals I work with is an amazing cook and baker.  I asked her to bake chocolate cupcakes for Jay and butterbeer (from Harry Potter) cupcakes for me.  I had her make some wedding cake ones too for people who didn't want chocolate or butterbeer.  They were delicious!

She had one of the teachers we work with use her Circut to cut out baseballs (for Jay) and books (for me... although that works for Jay too).
The popcorn bar was for me.  I LOVE popcorn!  I am a butter and salt kind of girl.  But I know other people like flavors so the nurse put out some different flavored shakers for people to add to their bag of popcorn.  The popcorn made the hall smell so yummy!

Jay drinks sodas so we had a soda bar with tea and lemonade too.

Some how I didn't take a picture of the coffee bar.  I love coffee!  The nurse made an assortment of iced coffees and a pot of hot coffee and a pot of decaf.  She had 4 different creamers and sugar and sweeteners for people to add to their coffee for their drinking pleasure.
The candy bar was for Jay.  He's a huge fan of chocolate!  We had a chocolate fountain and a s'mores bar.  I couldn't be left out of the candy bar so I had the nurse add some sour candy for me.  

This is one of my favorite pictures from the photo booth.  Reagan and my bff, Emily.  Their sign cracks me up!  I've been meaning to ask them who came up with that but I keep forgetting.

These are my Nac girls minus one (she had to work).  Love these ladies!

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