Thursday, October 15, 2015

Twilight: Life And Death

I am a huge Twilight fan! I reread the books once a year. I still keep our family vacation pictures from Forks on my phone. My home screen is always a picture of me in Forks. 

Twilight: Life and Death snuck up on me. I knew nothing about it until the day it was published. I felt like a horrible fan!  I did miss the build up, the waiting, the suspense. But it was a nice surprise. 

I've mentioned before that I prefer eBook so I bought the eBook. But... there are some books (mostly series) that I do like seeing on my bookshelf so... I bought the physical book too! Ha! It does make a nice addition to my Twilight shelf. 

Minor spoilers follow:

I had a hard time getting into Beau's head. It felt, well, weird. Most of Bella's thoughts didn't transfer well to a boy. It was also strange to have the other characters roles reverse so literally. 

I did like some of the minor changes Meyer made to the story. Some of the scenes flowed better. Some made a bit more sense. I think it shows her growth as a writer (here I am talking about Meyer, a multi-millionaire, growing as a writer. We all grow in our profession, right? That's what I'm telling myself as I write this nonsense.). 

Overall I did like the book. It was nice to be in the Twilight world again. But I really wished she had finished Midnight Sun. Like, really really really, on my knees begging, wish she had finished Midnight Sun. Maybe for the 20th anniversary.... One can only hope!

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